Yellowstone Wildlife & Scenic Tours

Yellowstone National Park Tours

The world’s first National Park!

Offered: May 1st – Nov. 1st
Private Full-Day Tour
8-10 hours
$1400.00 1-4 persons
Additional persons:
Adults $250.00. Children 18 and under $200.00.
Larger groups (5+) call for pricing
(Yellowstone tours require a full day Half-day Yellowstone tours are not available)

With over 10,000 thermal features, rugged terrain created by volcanoes and glaciers, driving through Yellowstone National Park and its surrounding areas is an amazing journey.  You’ll experience scenic vistas and an incredible variety of wildlife, geologic features, and beautiful plant-life.


Some of the sights you will experience are:

  • Lewis Canyon
  • Lake Yellowstone
  • Hayden Valley
  • Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
  • Old Faithful Geyser
  • Geologic and Thermal Features
  • Abundant Wildlife
  • And Much More!!

All Yellowstone tours include an experienced guide who will interpret the natural and human histories of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, binoculars, spotting scope, informative literature and the ability to customize tours to best suit each group.

Wyoming Wilds’ Yellowstone Tours from Jackson Hole

Wyoming Wilds is a provider for Yellowstone tours from Jackson Hole. Our owner, James Hicks, has been providing scenic, wildlife, historical and educational adventures of the area for over 30 years. James invites you for an opportunity of a lifetime! You can learn more about our owner here.

Our Yellowstone tours from Jackson Hole are unique, fun and convenient. Our proximity to Yellowstone National Park cuts the hassle out of guided tours. We even pick you up at your place of lodging. How could it get any simpler than that?

Let’s take a moment to go over what Wyoming Wilds has to offer and why we should be your first choice for a private wildlife safari, scenic adventure or a tour to historic places.

Yellowstone National Park Scenic Tours

Yellowstone tours should be special, especially when it comes to a scenic tour. It shouldn’t just be about taking in some great views. Your tour guide should be able to explain the historic places of the area and know the best places to see the best sights. Our local guide has that covered, plus more!

An image showing landscape photography taken in Wyoming’s national parks.

What To See In Yellowstone During Scenic Tours

There’s a lot to see during our scenic tours. After all, the park is roughly 2.2 million acres. People often become overwhelmed with the sheer size of the park when trying to plan a trip. That’s where our Yellowstone tours come in handy. Here’s some examples of things we’ll see during scenic tours.

Learn About Our Historic Places

It should be no surprise that this national park is full of historic places. After all, the park itself is a historic site. You might be surprised to learn that it’s the world’s first national park. However, that’s not the only historic significance you’ll find here.

Areas and structures like the Old Faithful Inn are rich in history and are in fact part of the national historic landmarks. The historic places don’t stop there though. You’ll have plenty of things to see and learn about during your scenic tours. We want to make sure that you learn important information during your time with us. 

Amazing Nature Photography Opportunities

The park also offers endless opportunities to capture incredible nature photography shots. We’ll put you at the perfect locations to capture pictures like a pro, whether you’ve been doing nature photography for years or it’s your first time.

Like we’ve said before, we are not a photography company. However, we provide scenic tours that give you everything you need, except a camera, to capture the best images to enhance your memories and make your visit something you’ll never forget.

Marvel at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

This is a part of our guided tours that everyone falls in love with. Calling the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone amazing is a huge understatement. The history behind the creation of this canyon alone is mind boggling. Thanks to enormous volcanic explosions that happened 640,000 years ago, we can now set our eyes upon one of the most awe-inspiring sights in our country, and possibly even the world.

This area offers something to see year-round. It even feels like a brand-new sight every time you look at it from a different angle. The lower falls are a staggering 308 feet tall and they will leave you feeling tiny compared to their immense size. The Upper Falls aren’t quite as tall, coming in at a smaller size of 109 feet, but they will still easily take your breath away. This is untamed nature at its finest and we’re ready to give you a perfect view with our scenic tours!

The Breathtaking Lewis Canyon

The Lewis Canyon is a beautiful place to view the Lewis River which runs its entire course within the national park. You might think the name sounds familiar. Well, there’s a good reason for that. The canyon as well as the river are named after Meriwether Lewis. This is a great place to stop during scenic tours for a couple of reasons. First, the views are amazing. Second, this is one of the top historic places to go to learn about important historical events such as the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Enjoy Yellowstone Tours of Old Faithful

Nothing is more exciting or provides more opportunities for incredible nature photography than Old Faithful. This cone geyser has had more than 1,000,000 recorded eruptions. Shockingly, Old Faithful can rocket between 3,700 and 8,400 gallons of water into the sky at heights ranging from 106 to 185 feet.

With steady intervals between eruptions, your tour guide will be able to put you at the right place at the right time to not only see but experience this natural wonder in action. People have flocked from all over the world to see Old Faithful. 

Vibrant Yellowstone National Park Plant Life

Our Yellowstone tours will expose you to the most vibrant and beautiful plant life you have ever seen. No matter where you look, something is sure to catch your eye and make you say “wow”. You’ll get a lot more than some great scenery though. Our expert tour guides will be able to inform you about the different plants.

Nearly untouched by humans, this national park offers the world’s most natural scenery. There’s no better way to get away from it all for a while and enjoy some time outdoors than our scenic tours.

A Visit to Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Lake happens to be the national park’s largest body of water and it also happens to be one  of the many places our scenic tours will take you to. Abundant birds and wildlife frequent the lake area so you never know what you might see!

A Trip to Hayden Valley

Hayden Valley is yet another addition to the historic places we will take you to. Historical events are what caused this valley to exist. Once covered by a portion of Yellowstone Lake, Hayden Valley looked much different many years ago. Now you’ll see sprawling fields of marshland, but little trees.

This is due to the fine-grained lake sediments left behind on the land as well as a glacial retreat that took place 13,000 years ago. Water is not easily absorbed in Hayden valley because of these events. There may not be many trees but there’s plenty of other things to feast your eyes upon including abundant wildlife and several different scenic overlooks.

A breathtaking image of one of the many wolves that depend on Wyoming’s national parks.
An amazing image of elk standing on a riverbank during Wyoming’s cold winter months.

Yellowstone Wolves

You weren’t always able to view wolves at the park the way you are now. In fact, grey wolves were recently restored in 1995. Since that time, the wolf population has been on a healthy rise. With the wolves now venturing beyond the boundaries of the park.


Tips for Wildlife expeditions in Yellowstone

We want all our Yellowstone tours to be an incredible experience for our visitors. To keep yourself safe, as well as the wildlife, there are some simple rules you should follow.


  • Never feed wildlife while on Yellowstone tours. This can make animals too comfortable around humans which can lead to harm to the wildlife as well as humans in the area. Always keep the wildlife’s safety as well as your own in mind while on wildlife tours. Remember, you’re in their home.
  • Never approach animals during Yellowstone tours. You may just be trying to get a closer look, but the wildlife likely won’t understand that. Always respect the wildlife by maintaining your distance during wildlife tours.
  • Keep your camera ready. You never know when you’ll have a great opportunity to capture a perfect picture during wildlife tours.

Our Yellowstone Wildlife Tours Are Quite the Experience

Our Yellowstone tours offer a little bit of everything. We strive to create unforgettable experiences. You’ll have a wonderful time as you learn about the local wildlife, how they survive and watch them in their natural habitat.

Our wildlife tours are fun for the whole family. We’ll set out on adventure unlike anything you’ve been on before. You’ll have chances to set your eyes upon a variety of different animals throughout the national park. 

Several animals skillfully make their way across the side of a cliff.
Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Yellowstone National Park?

Most of this national park is located within Wyoming. However, due to its enormous size, parts of the park also span into neighboring states such as Idaho and Montana. Abundant plant life, many different types of animals as well as endless dramatic features make the park a hotspot for wildlife tours, scenic tours and incredible adventures.

What kinds of animals are in Yellowstone National Park?

There is abundant wildlife in the park. You can find a little bit of everything here ranging from carnivores, ungulates, rodents, hares and even bats. 

What is Yellowstone National Park known for?

The park is known for several different things. Historic places, over 10 Thousand Thermal Features, beautiful natural formations, incredible waterfalls and abundant wildlife are just a few of the things that draw visitors to the area from all over the world. It’s also famous for becoming the first national park in the world.

Why is Yellowstone National Park called Yellowstone?

The park’s name dates all the way back as early as 1805. There’s a false belief that the name originated due to the bright yellow colors in the area caused by heavy rhyolite lava concentrations combined with a chemical reaction. The name originates from Native Americans from eastern Montana that noticed large amounts of yellow sandstone on riverbanks downstream from the park.

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