Owner and tour guide, James Hicks has been providing quality tours of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem for over 30 years.

At 6 years of age James decided he wanted to move to Wyoming. At 12 years of age, he decided he wanted to become a Snake River Boatman. After spending two summers in Jackson Hole during his college Years, he set out to make his dreams happen.

In 1988 he took a job as a Scenic Boatman on the Snake River running tours within Grand Teton Park.

That winter he became a snowmobile guide conducting snowmobile tours throughout the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. He ran these tours for 17 years.

The next summer he became the head Boatman and two years later, he was promoted to operations manager. That job lasted for nearly 30 years.

He also was able to raise three children in a rustic cabin within Grand Teton National Park.

Over the years, he has trained many new guides, drivers, and office staff so he knows the area inside and out and delivers one of the best tours in the area and has the credentials to prove it.

He has also been a Red Cross volunteer instructor for over 28 years.

His certifications include Wilderness First Aid, Swift Water Rescue Technician, And Wilderness EMT.

Along with his wife Becky, a Wyoming native, they are combining their background and experience to provide the highest quality tours in the Jackson Hole area.

Local tour guides from Wyoming Wilds posing for a quick photograph.

“Our pledge to you, combining our knowledge and reverence for the region, along with comfortable transportation and high-quality optics, we will provide you with a Tour that is informative enjoyable and memorable!”

- James Hicks

Tours Catered To You

  • All tours include an experienced guide
    who will interpret the natural and human histories of the Greater
  • Yellowstone ecosystem, binoculars, spotting scope, informative
    literature and the ability to customize tours to best suit each group.

Theme-based tours that may be catered to each group’s interests.

In our experience, some groups are interested in more specific topics. While wildlife viewing and photography and interpretation of the Park will always be a part of our trips, we can customize tours with specific themes in mind.  For example; birds and botany, specific histories, wine and cheese excursions, family reunions or anniversaries, wedding party specialty trips, mother/daughter or grandparent/grandchild outings, accessible expeditions; the options are plentiful.  Certain permit restrictions apply.


A stunning wildlife photography shot of a moose with twins.
A sprawling landscape with incredible views located in Wyoming’s national parks.
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